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July 24 2014


How to Create PST File from OST?

OST files are one of the most important backup source that store user's Exchange mailbox data. OST is an acronym for Offline Storage Table. These OST files are created by Microsoft Outlook email client application. During Exchange Server downtime or at the the time when there is no internet connectivity, users may face challenges in continuing with their work. To manage this issue, users can use the OST files to carry on with their work. As OST files are exact replica of Exchange mailbox, users may use them to continue with their work. Any modification done in the Outlook OST file gets automatically synchronized with the server when the connectivity to the Exchange Server or the Internet is regained.  

Advantages of OST files: -

• These files are duplicate copy of the data available on the server.
• These files can be kept as backup for any future use.
• During Exchange Server downtime, users can use OST files to continue with their work.
• Any changes made in the OST file automatically gets synchronized with the Exchange Server data.

Disadvantages of OST files: -

OST files are very delicate and easily get damaged or corrupted. Some of the reasons behind the damage of OST files include: -

• Crashing of Outlook damages the OST files.
• OST files are easily damaged by the viruses and Trojans.
• Crashing of the Exchange Server also damages the OST files.
• Any accidental or minor change in the extension of the OST file makes the file inaccessible.

The Only Durable Solution to Save the Data Stored in OST File

As already mentioned, OST files may contain valuable data of users. Just because of this reason, it becomes very important to save the data stored in them. One of the most durable and suitable solution of saving the data available in the OST file is  to migrate OST to PST. You can save all the data available in the Outlook OST by migrating it to PST. Creating PST file from OST can be done by using the third party OST to PST Migration Tool. This software can easily be downloaded on any version of Windows OS. 

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